"What would two rods produce, or what would
ten or a hundred [sound like]?"
-Harry Bertoia

Harry Bertoia Centennial Table Tonal

Limited Edition Sculpture

Harry Bertoia (1915-1978) was a metal sculptor, jeweler, graphic artist, and furniture designer best known for the Knoll Bertoia chairs and his magical sounding sculptures. Bertoia’s mid-century modern art, along with his contemporaries Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen, George Nakashima and others, changed America’s approach to art and design in major ways.

For the first time, the Bertoia Estate now offers an exact reproduction of a circa 1970 tonal sculpture from Bertoia’s most popular style. The original stands with about a hundred other tonals in the Pennsylvania "Sonambient" barn. Original Bertoia sculptures of this caliber sell in the 5 figure category, but we have made this limited edition affordable.

There are only a few left, available from the Museum of Arts and Design. Click here to order yours. First come first served. We expect them to sell out soon.

Centennial offering:

Limited edition (in honor of Bertoia’s 2015 centennial) reproduction Harry Bertoia sounding sculpture

  • Dimensions: 11 3/4” tall, 6” x 6” base, 144 rods (12 x 12)
  • Price: Purchase from the Museum of Arts and Design by clicking here
  • Material: Bronze rods silvered to brass base
  • Tone: Touch gently to produce a Chime-like sound
  • Why: If you have always wanted to own a Bertoia but couldn’t afford it, now is the time!


This Harry Bertoia reproduction tonal is available in a limited edition, authorized by the Bertoia Estate and Bertoia Studio, to celebrate Bertoia’s centennial in 2015.


This sounding sculpture delights in visual, tactile and auditory enjoyment, and adds value and interest to your collection. The original sculpture could easily sell at auction for 5 figures and now you can own an exact replica for a fraction of the cost.



You will receive:

  • Your sculpture securely packed in a sturdy wooden crate
  • A certificate of authentication
  • A brief history of Bertoia tonal sculpture
  • Each sculpture is engraved with the edition number and “HB 1915-2015” to commemorate the Bertoia centennial

In 1960 Harry Bertoia accidentally struck two wires together and heard a delightful sound. He wondered, “What would ten wires, or twenty, sound like?” After creating hundreds of experimental sounding sculptures, he discovered a fusion of art that is music. He did not make the same piece twice, and enjoyed finding just the right combination of metals and rod spacing. Eventually he placed 100 tonals in the remodeled estate barn called “Sonambient”. This Sonambient collection still stands today, and this piece is an exact replica of one sculpture in this rare assemblage.

I now build sculptures that can move in the wind, or that can be touched and played like an instrument. These sculptures provide a way for people to get an immediate response to my work, and that gives me satisfaction.
-Harry Bertoia