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Harry Bertoia was a metal worker ahead of his time who crossed boundaries daily. His jewelry is sculpture you wear, the monotypes a window into the universe, the chairs are sensual and sculptural and his sculptures range from welded to spill-cast to hand-shaped. His gentle nature was expressed in delicate fine wire work while his superhuman strength was needed to handle the massive architectural commissions. He designed the ever-popular Diamond chair, crafted over 50 public sculptures, and created the Sonambient sounding sculptures. From biomorphic jewelry to 4-ton fountains, from children’s chairs to the asymmetric chaise, from singing rods to thunderous 10’ gongs, from color field graphics to layered monographics,  this prolific man preferred not to title his art because it came from “the great Oneness,” and needed no man’s identification or name to have its effect.

Discover the man and his work, feel his love and positivity and discover what he knew that we are just now touching. Here, at Harry Bertoia Foundation, you’ll find the links you need, the answers you’re looking for, or the contact info for a human. I’m happy to share my father with you, as his was a big enough soul for everyone to have a taste. Don’t expect to take it all in at once – stop by for updates and inspiration as needed.

Harry Bertoia

“Man is not important. Humanity is what counts, to which, I feel, I have given my contribution. Humanity shall continue without me, but I am not going away. I am not leaving you. Every time you see some tree tops moving in the wind, you will think of me. Or you will see some beautiful flowers; you will think of me. I have never been a very religious man, not in the formal way, but each time I took a walk in the woods, I felt the presence of a superior force around me.”

– Harry Bertoia, Oct 9, 1978.

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Bertoia completed over 50 Public Commissions throughout the country and in several other countries as well. Take an interactive walk through history or visit a piece in a state near you.