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Table Tonal II:  $3000

Dimensions: 12.5” tall, base is 2.6″ x 8″, arrives in wooden crate.

Limited edition (of 100) reproduction table-sized tonal sculpture, each piece labeled, numbered and dated, with brass base, beryllium copper rods, and brass cattails.

This is your chance to own an exact replica of an original Harry Bertoia Sonambient sculpture with 25 rods in a single row. This is the second limited edition of 100 tonal sculptures, authorized by the Harry Bertoia Foundation, which fulfills Harry’s wish that many people could enjoy his work.

The cattail tops vary slightly in length just like the original, and refuse to stay in a straight line similar to grasses in nature. The original sits in the office of the Harry Bertoia Foundation.

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The base is 2.6” x 8” and the sculpture is 12.5” tall and the tone is quintessential Bertoia. You will receive your tonal in a wooden crate, along with a certificate and a short Sonambient history.

Video Credits:
– Romeo Peeters, post production editor
– Harry Bertoia Foundation, all rights reserved

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IMPREC EGER Pic B lightened

Jeffrey & Miriam Eger 1971 Film – $100
Sonambients; the Sound Sculpture of Harry Bertoia

Exclusive Documentary Set

Filmed in 1971 in the Sonambient Barn of Pennsylvania, this is a limited edition set (of 500) of a documentary of spectacular footage of Harry Bertoia playing and discussing the Sonambient collection. Anyone who owns a Sonambient sculpture will want to complement their piece with this snippet of history.

The exclusive limited edition (of 500) set includes:

  • 16-minute documentary of Harry Bertoia performing in the Sonambient Barn (available for the first time since 1971)
  • 20-minute interview of Harry Bertoia explaining Sonambient (never before released)
  • Full-length CD of all three Bertoia siblings – Harry, Oreste, Ave – performing in the Barn (exclusive)
  • A physical piece of the original 16 mm film
  • 10-page booklet with color photographs of the shoot and description of the filming process (exclusive)

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This limited edition CD / DVD set is available for the first time since the creation of the film in 1971. The 16-minute DVD documentary follows Harry Bertoia in performance through his Sonambient Barn (which was dismantled in 2016) in rural Pennsylvania. Also included is the full 20-minute interview with Bertoia speaking about the birth of Sonambient and his plans for its future. This interview is the only known recording of the artist fully explaining Sonambient.

The CD contains historic tapes selected specifically for this release including the earliest known recordings of the Bertoia brothers, Harry and Oreste, from 1969 as well as the recently discovered 1972 recordings of the Bertoia brothers performing while their sister Ave DePaoli sings in unison. All three siblings passed on years ago, and this was the last time that the three of them were together.

An actual piece of the original 16 mm is included in this limited edition for you to hold as a slice of history forever.

The set is packaged in a deluxe jacket with a 10-page booklet containing production stills from the film. Whether you own a Sonambient sculpture, or just wish you did, you can now have a slice of Harry Bertoia’s world.

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Marina Kessler-473
Marina Kessler-475

Harry Bertoia Snake Pendant – $400

Sterling silver, one size.

Limited edition (of 100) gong pendant reproductions by the Harry Bertoia Foundation.  The original is a  12” bronze gong, hand shaped by Harry at the shop. Choose between silver snake chain or black leather cord at checkout. Total weight of pendant and chain is 1.4 ounces of sterling silver. Pendant is 2.5 x 2.12 inches.

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The gong style pendants are rare and resemble the huge sounding gongs that Harry created in his Sonambient phase of tonal sculpture.  The shape of the original bronze gong was replicated exactly, but the size was reduced to an aesthetically pleasing size for a woman’s neck and the metal is sterling silver. The tooled attachment was added by our modern jeweler in the style of Bertoia.

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Show your love for all things Bertoia with this graphic tee from the Harry Bertoia Foundation!

Bertoia Gong T-Shirt – $20

Sizes S,M,L,XL

Show your love for all things Bertoia with this graphic tee from the Harry Bertoia Foundation! Soft, mid-weight cotton in black or white. The gong featured on this design is an original Harry Bertoia from the collection of the Foundation. Click below for more details…

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The original Harry Bertoia gong used for this T-shirt design was made in the 1970s of silicon bronze in a single slab, 60″ diameter. The split makes for a different kind of sound, a deep resonant tone.

Did you know? Harry made his own mallets and called them clappers, probably because of his childhood memories of the clapper in the local San Lorenzo chapel bell.

5.3 oz 100% preshrunk cotton. Sizes are unisex, standard-fit.

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Marina Kessler-441

1977 Pendant: 18K Solid Gold – $7000 or best offer

Limited edition, solid 18K gold, one size.

Solid 18K gold round gong pendant in a limited edition of 4, each piece numbered and initialed. This unique gong style pendant is 2.5” in diameter and weighs 1.6 ounces (with gold chain total weight 1.8 oz). If you would like to make an offer, send an email to

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It was a rare late life creation that resembles the Sonambient gongs and was a prototype for a possible jewelry line of the 1970s that never materialized. Each one is slightly different due to hand tooling. Includes certificate and 20” gold snake chain.

Only one left in stock.

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1942 Silver Ring $250

 Sterling silver, Available sizes: 6,7,8,9,10,11

Sterling silver reproduction of a Cranbrook era ring in a limited edition of 200, each piece numbered and initialed. This is a sleek comfortable ring with an angled slit.

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This ring was probably a model for Harry’s own wedding ring which was quite similar. The original, an aluminum size 13, is virtually identical to the replicas. Includes authentication card and description.

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The Life and work of Harry Bertoia: The Man, The Artist, The Visionary – $60

11 1/4 x 8 3/4, personalized dedication & author autographed copy.

This important and beautiful volume, illustrated with over 200 photos, allows easy identification and appreciation of Bertoia’s work. Written with insights that only a daughter could offer, readers will get a peek at behind-the-scenes skirmishes as well as technical details and life philosophy of the artist. Included author’s signature, if desired.

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If you’d like an autographed copy & personalization, please fill out the personalization box when ordering.

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Personalized Dedication


Bertoia Tote Bag – $20

Burlap tote, Size: 12″x12″x7.5″

Sturdy burlap tote with rope handles; Harry Bertoia signature across the front. Folds to flat or opens to 7.5” wide with firm bottom. Put over your shoulder or carry by the hand.

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Monotype Notecard Set $30

Set of 15 cards, 5 different drawings.

These notecards are reproductions of Bertoia monotypes created in the 1940s. You will receive 3 each of 5 different and unique color drawings, originally designed on rice paper with ink.

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The farm scene was a woodcut of the Italian agricultural life made at Cranbrook. The others are monotypes, a method of making unique prints, created at Cranbrook in the 1940s. Cards are blank inside with an explanation of the work on the backside.

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Harry Bertoia 50 Drawings – $350

Limited Edition print book of 50 plates

Limited Edition (of 500) print book published privately by A. Colish of fifty early monotypes, one in red and the rest black on ivory, 1980.

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Plates were printed by offset on Mohawk Superfine Softwhite cover stock and text on heavy weight white mould made paper. This is a rare and fine art book for your collection. The entire collection was created in California within 24 hours by Harry Bertoia. Includes daughter Celia Bertoia’s signature, if desired.

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Marina Kessler-437

1977 Pendant: Silver –  $400


Limited edition, sterling silver, one size.

Sterling silver round gong pendant in a limited edition of 50, each piece numbered and initialed. This unique gong style pendant is 2.5” in diameter and weighs 1.1 ounces (with silver chain total weight 1.3 oz).

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It was a rare late life creation that resembles the Sonambient gongs and was a prototype for a possible jewelry line of the 1970s that never materialized. Each one is slightly different due to hand tooling. Includes certificate and 20” silver snake chain.

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