Sonambients; the Sound Sculpture of Harry Bertoia – Jeffrey & Miriam Eger 1971 Film


Exclusive Documentary Set

Filmed in 1971 in the Sonambient Barn of Pennsylvania, this is a limited edition set (of 500) of a documentary of spectacular footage of Harry Bertoia playing and discussing the Sonambient collection. Anyone who owns a Sonambient sculpture will want to complement their piece with this snippet of history.

The exclusive limited edition (of 500) set includes:

  • 16-minute documentary of Harry Bertoia performing in the Sonambient Barn (available for the first time since 1971)
  • 20-minute interview of Harry Bertoia explaining Sonambient (never before released)
  • Full-length CD of all three Bertoia siblings – Harry, Oreste, Ave – performing in the Barn (exclusive)
  • A physical piece of the original 16 mm film
  • 10-page booklet with color photographs of the shoot and description of the filming process (exclusive)

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This limited edition CD / DVD set is available for the first time since the creation of the film in 1971. The 16-minute DVD documentary follows Harry Bertoia in performance through his Sonambient Barn (which was dismantled in 2016) in rural Pennsylvania. Also included is the full 20-minute interview with Bertoia speaking about the birth of Sonambient and his plans for its future. This interview is the only known recording of the artist fully explaining Sonambient.

The CD contains historic tapes selected specifically for this release including the earliest known recordings of the Bertoia brothers, Harry and Oreste, from 1969 as well as the recently discovered 1972 recordings of the Bertoia brothers performing while their sister Ave DePaoli sings in unison. All three siblings passed on years ago, and this was the last time that the three of them were together.

An actual piece of the original 16 mm is included in this limited edition for you to hold as a slice of history forever.

The set is packaged in a deluxe jacket with a 10-page booklet containing production stills from the film. Whether you own a Sonambient sculpture, or just wish you did, you can now have a slice of Harry Bertoia’s world.