I just bought a sculpture that looks like a Bertoia. Can you tell me if it is an original Harry Bertoia?

If you send photos, dimensions and anything else you know about it, we will be happy to take a quick look at no charge. We no longer issue Certificates of Authenticity but you can submit your piece to the Catalogue Raisonné.

How can I get my Bertoia art authenticated, what does it cost, and what will I get?

A: We no longer issue authentications, but you can submit to the Catalogue Raisonné and, if approved, get a CR number. Entries require the art data form, the release form, photos, and payment. 3D object administration fee is $500, and 2D fee is $250. See all details under the catalogue raisonné category at https://harrybertoia.org/catalogue-raisonne/

I’m not sure if I need an appraisal, an authentication, or just a casual opinion? Help!

If you are wondering what your piece might sell for, a casual opinion should suffice. If you are getting art insurance or involved in the 4 D’s (divorce, death, donation, distribution) you will need a full appraisal report. We no longer issue authentications, but you may want to submit to the Catalogue Raisonné (see above).

I have a Bertoia spray. Can I submit it to the Catalogue Raisonné?

The “spray” type sculptures have become problematic in recent years. There are many spray copies and would-be Bertoias out there that are not original Harry Bertoia pieces. If you or your relative/associate acquired it directly from Harry or one of his gallery representatives and you have documentation, the answer is probably yes. If you came by it through second-hand means with no documenting paperwork, it may be a challenge. You can submit to the CR, but it may or may not be approved for entry. We cannot give a CR# to a spray sculpture that does not have substantiating evidence regarding the artist.

I heard that there was an issue of Bertoia sprays for Knoll; is that correct?

While Bertoia did occasionally sell his sprays through Knoll dealers in the 1960s, he never made a specific Knoll series. Each spray was unique. The Knoll managers had such love and respect for Harry that they sold his sculptures with no fee attached, having folks make checks directly to Harry Bertoia.

How can I tell if my Diamond chair or Side chair is an authentic Bertoia by Knoll?

See our extensive how-to article at ID Bertoia Chairs. A book on the Bertoia chairs is in the works.

I own Bertoia art. How can I get it included in the upcoming Catalogue Raisonné?

Please click here to fill out the application and send several high resolution photos of each item. There is no guarantee that it will be included unless the provenance is clear. Note that the Catalogue is a painstaking, slow process and may not find fruition for many years.

I’m interested in an internship at the HarryBertoia Foundation. How can I apply?

Please download and complete an internship application. Applications can be found here.

We are a non-profit organization/student. Can we get a discount on items for sale?

Depending on the circumstances, we can usually offer a 10% discount.

Will you barter or do a trade on the store items?

Maybe. What do you have to offer? If it is something we need, let’s talk. See our get involved page.

Where can I buy an original Bertoia?

We do not function as dealers. That said, if you are looking for a particular type of Bertoia sculpture, you can leave your name and contact information with us because we do hear of items from time to time.  See our list of auction houses & galleries.

We are writing an article/paper/blog including Harry Bertoia. Can you send hi-res photos?

If you need photos of chairs, Knoll, Inc. owns all rights to the chairs.  Contact them at Knoll.com/Design-Plan/Resources/Media-Bank

For images of Harry or his art, please contact Art Resources who takes care of distributing photographs at: Art Resources.

Michael Slade, General Manager
Art Resource
536 Broadway 5th Fl
New York NY 10012


You can also check at our sister organization in Italy, ArietoBertoia.org.  If you still can’t find what you want, we may have lo-res photos of your topic. Contact us at info@harrybertoia.org.
We need permission to publish an image. Who handles licensing and copyrights for Bertoia?

We use Artists Rights Society for legal purposes.

Please contact Artists Rights Society in New York:

Janet Hicks:  jhicks@arsny.com

Generic:  info2@arsny.com

212 420-9160

I found some chairs for sale that might be Bertoias. Can you authenticate them?

We are not able to individually help every person who is considering a purchase of possible Bertoia chairs; there are just too many of you! But you will find answers and photos in our chair article: click here.

I’d like to buy new Bertoia chairs. Can you help me?

Any Knoll dealer can help you. The Harry Bertoia Foundation no longer holds rights to or receives royalties from the chairs. Look up your location by clicking here.

My Bertoia chair needs some new parts. Where can I get them?

Sometimes you can find common parts on Ebay or local ads. Otherwise, contact your nearest Knoll dealer or showroom. Find locations here: Knoll.com/Location

I want to re-upholster my Bertoia chair. What’s the best way to do this?

You can get original Knoll materials directly from Knoll online at Knoll.com. Any local furniture upholstery shop should be able to re-cover your chair, either with their materials or Knoll materials.

I want to refinish my Bertoia chair. What is the plastic coating and where can I get it? How can I get rid of rust on the steel?

Knoll uses Powder Coating on the outdoor chairs. To remove rust, start with any rust remover product from the hardware store. It will take a lot of effort but may work. We do NOT recommend painting the chairs. Find more information at: https://harrybertoia.org/notes-on-repairing-bertoia-chairs/

I think I found a very old Bertoia chair that might be a prototype. How can I tell?

First, read our chair article, How To ID Bertoia Chairs. If you still believe it may be an unusual early chair, contact our chair expert via info@harrybertoia.org. Send good photos and direct your inquiry to Bill Shea, and we’ll make sure he gets receives your inquiry.

Why should I pay twice as much for a Knoll Bertoia chair if I can get a good copy cheaply elsewhere?

As for any original design/art/invention, you are doing several positive actions by purchasing the authentic item.
You are
1) honoring the original designer and conceptually, all designers,
2) getting a quality product that will hold its value,
3) obtaining the product as the designer envisioned and not an uncomfortable imitation and
4) you are tapping into a small slice of that inventor’s creative spirit. By purchasing a cheap imitation, you will get an initial lower cost but may be disappointed with the lack of ergonomics, quality and durability.