First, congratulations on your good taste and wise investment!

Our limited edition Bertoia jewelry pieces are sterling silver. Sterling silver is alloyed with metals such as copper and zinc to make it more durable. If you wear it often, two things will happen: 1) it will gradually be worn down and shined up by your skin (and infused with your energy!) and 2) it will invariably get scratched or spotted. Some suggestions to keep in mind with your jewelry:

Hands Off!

Keep your fingers (with their oil) off of the main part of your jewelry. Handle it by the edges. Human oil will stain and dull the finish.

Skincare Products

Avoid creams, lotions and other skin products on the body parts that touch the jewelry. Again, oils and product will stain and dull your finish.

Swimming & Housekeeping

Avoid chlorine or other harsh chemicals, as they may darken your jewelry.


For pendant chains, it’s best to store them unclasped to avoid kinking.


For all silver pieces, it’s ideal to store them individually in a sealed ziplock bag which will protect your jewelry and prevent oxidation or rubbing against other items.


Polish with a polishing cloth meant for jewelry; easily and cheaply obtained via Amazon or your local jewelry store. The cloth should not be washed, as that will dilute the cloth treatment and polishing ability. It may become stained or darkened but will still work.

Scratches & Damage

For noticeable scratches or surface damage, you might try MAAS metal polish (available online), but be aware that it will remove the top layer of the finish.

We hope you enjoy your jewelry for a long time and then hand it down to your descendants!