The Foundation has put much effort, time, and funds into taking, gathering, and organizing photographs of Harry Bertoia and his work. It is an ongoing project including archival and contemporary files. Licensing fees of for-profit usage and specific hi-res photos are available at Artist’s Rights Society and Artist Resource (links below).

We are happy to share the photos on this “Photos & Copyrights” page with individuals and non-profit organizations which have limited budgets. Please credit these select free photos to the Harry Bertoia Foundation and enjoy! (For the noted Solway Gallery monotype photos, credit Solway Gallery of course.)

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Bertoia Jewelry 1940s

Bertoia Jewelry 1940s – Three brooches and a bracelet of handcrafted silver made by Harry Bertoia at Cranbrook in the 1940s.

Bronze Bracelet 1940

Bronze Bracelet 1940 – Bronze bracelet hand forged by Harry Bertoia while at Cranbrook c. 1940.

Bronze Welded Sculpture 1958

Bronze Welded Sculpture 1958 – A welded bronze form approximately 12 inches tall created circa 1958.

Bush Sculpture 1978

Bush Sculpture 1978 – Bronze bush with open-tipped ends created by Harry Bertoia approximately 1978, near the end of the artist’s life.

Solway Gallery 1940

Solway Gallery 1940 – Part of the Synchromy Series, this monotype was made at Cranbrook circa 1942 by Harry Bertoia.

Solway Gallery 1948

Solway Gallery 1948 – An organic colorful monotype made in California circa 1948 by Harry Bertoia.

Solway Gallery 1949

Solway Gallery 1949 – A biomorphic monotype with possible microscopic creatures made by Harry Bertoia circa 1949.

Solway Gallery 1960s

Solway Gallery 1960s – A collage reminiscent of tonal and gong sculpture made by Harry Bertoia in the 1960s.

Cube Sculpture 1963

Cube Sculpture 1963 – A welded bronze cube, 13 inches in all directions, made one wire at a time by Harry Bertoia in approximately 1963, similar to the monumental fountain sculptures made during the same period.

Dandelion & Bird Chair 1960s

Dandelion & Bird Chair 1960s – A gold plated dandelion, alongside a Bird Chair, by Harry Bertoia at an unknown exhibition during the 1960s.

Fountain Sculpture 1968

Fountain Sculpture 1968 – This monumental sculpture was being constructed with copper tubing by Harry Bertoia for the Manufacturer’s Trust in Buffalo, NY. The maquette can be seen in the lower left.

Harry Bertoia 1965

Harry Bertoia 1965 – Harry Bertoia welding a bush style sculpture while smoking his infamous pipe at the Bally shop in the 1960s.

Harry Bertoia 1974

Harry Bertoia 1974 – Harry Bertoia in his summer straw hat in front of the Standard Oil tonals in 1974.

Harry Bertoia 1976

Harry Bertoia 1976 – Harry Bertoia behind one of his tall Sonambient sculptures in the Bally shop circa 1976.

Harry Bertoia's Shop 1960s

Harry Bertoia’s Shop 1960s – Harry Bertoia with samples of his sculpture in the early 1960s; his favorite photo of himself.

Cranbrook Jewelry 1942

Cranbrook Jewelry 1942 – Samples of silver jewelry, brooches, made at Cranbrook Art Academy by Harry Bertoia approximately 1942.

Silver Brooch 1940s

Silver Brooch 1940s – A silver brooch forged by Harry Bertoia at Cranbrook circa 1941, from which a limited edition brooch was issued by the Harry Bertoia Foundation in 2010.

Sonambient Barn 2013

Sonambient Barn 2013 – The Sonambient Barn, created by Harry Bertoia, with about 100 sculptures as seen in 2013 before it was dismantled to transfer to a museum.

Straw Wire Sculpture 1950s

Straw Wire Sculpture 1950s – An early wire construction from the Straw Series with colorful enamel beads. Made by Harry Bertoia in the late 1950s.