Celia Bertoia’s reputation as a speaker is built on the life experience she had with her father, Harry Bertoia, as well as her heartfelt and clear way of communicating. After writing his biography, she has all the factual data you might require about Bertoia as well as anecdotal stories that bring his art and design to life. She will leave you inspired and eager to incorporate greatness into your own life.

Celia Bertoia:

  • Author of The Life and Work of Harry Bertoia, 2015
  • Founder and Director of the HarryBertoia Foundation
  • Fine Arts Appraiser specializing in Bertoia
  • Background in Real Estate and Chip Race Timing
  • Lived with and learned from Harry Bertoia for 23 years


  • Includes a PowerPoint presentation focusing on your topic, involving the life and work of Harry Bertoia
  • Funny, educational and moving stories about Harry’s philosophy, character, and habits
  • Happy to customize it to your time frame and your topic
  • Can bring a few small originals to emphasize his work
  • If desired, will bring Limited Edition items for sale (jewelry, table tonal, books, etc.)

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